WIMS shoes



Snakeskin print leather long boots with decorative strap 

  • Snakeskin print leather in brown
  • Leather lining
  • Zip-side fastening
  • Tunith sole
  • Handmade wooden heel in leather finish
  • Heel measures approximately 100 mm

*Of all the female spies of World War II, Vera Eriksen, alias Vera Schalburg, is perhaps the most enigmatic. Described as "the most beautiful spy of all time," she was a femme fatale and a Soviet, German, and British agent all rolled into one. But who was she really? Like most spies, nothing about her background is clear or straightforward. Many of the facts surrounding her life are contradictory, some are speculation or pure fantasy, the rest have been expunged from her official MI5 files... Even the date of her death is unknown.

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